People & Logics provides comprehensive backup and recovery services and an excellent security environment for Oracle, MySQL and SQL Server. A wide range of application languages and interfaces are supported. Client/server and web access are supported to Oracle, MySQL, and SQL Server.

We work with all enterprise database systems and open source databases like MySQL as well.

Database Engineering

We can analyze your data needs and engineer a database that fulfills your requirements. As your business grows, you may find that your database does not meet all of your needs. We can design a system that will grow with you. We are adept at many database techniques and database products, allowing us to bring to you the best solutions. Whether you need a database for data storage, transactions, e-commerce, geospatial, research, or one of many other possibilities, we can build it for you.

Database Application Development

we can create an application that will help you gather, analyze, use, and understand your data. we excels in the latest system and application technologies, always striving to attain the optimum solution that is user-friendly, fast, accurate and most of all, exactly what you need.

Database Transformation and Migration

we can update your old system and migrate your data to a new system. Over the past 10 years, database technology has exploded with several new types of data: movies, web media, music, animations, and a whole host of sight and sound data. we understands the newest database technologies and can leverage them to create a new foundation for your business. At the same time, we can transform or simply migrate your legacy data to a new platform.

Database Administration

we can make your database run at its optimal level. With new database technologies, the corresponding administration of the database becomes even more complicated. Databases have come to use the latest in enterprise scalability, with enough power to provide any data, to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. we’s experts understand the importance of power and the associated problems that come with maintaining power. We’ll make sure your enterprise is at its best performance, yet secure, reliable, and disaster-ready.