In the age of automation and internet of everything, embedded system software plays a critical role in enabling devices to provide required services as per the needs of real world applications. We have a strong capability to implement embedded system software as per the needs of various applications.

Our experience covers complete embedded software stack including system software configuration, utilities & middleware, applications and device GUI.

We undertake consulting and advisory roles to implement embedded process controls and Office Automation along with Integrating systems and software with Industrial controls to provide automation solutions.

Application Software

Organisations have the need to implement control function, management application, instrumentation, communication software or data processing intensive applications.

In the application design capabilities our broad range of domain knowledge includes:

  • Process control
  • Device networking
  • System monitoring & control
  • System diagnostics & management
  • Data acquisition, processing & management
  • Local user interface/human machine interface
  • RTOS
  • Raspberry PI based Infrastructure