IT Enablement

Today, IT plays a key role in the success of important business transformation programs. Not just in its role of enabler but even more and more as a business accelerator. Technology has not stood still and the level of business benefits that IT can offer has increased significantly during the last decade. IT transformation is focused on improving business performance and realizing fundamental change in the key capabilities of the enterprise. Our IT Transformations offering provides you with a logical, structured and integrated framework for business value delivery with IT enabled business transformation programs.

We understand and identifies gaps in IT enablement by benchmarking with industry peers and internal business groups. The identified gaps are prioritized for improvement based on their relevance, impact on business and a risk-return analysis of the investment required.

Our expertise includes assisting clients to better leverage IT and disruptive technologies to gain competitive advantage and reduce cost. We have skills and experience in aligning business strategies with major IT replacement or enhancement initiatives, including migration of legacy systems to ERP packaged software solutions.

Our approach includes working collaboratively with business representatives to identify opportunities to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of various business processes that will be IT enabled. In this way, business process efficiencies are built into the subsequent software specifications and code.

The tools and techniques used by our business analysts to help shape the future processes and technology specifications include structured methods around business process modelling, business process re-engineering, use case requirements capture and best practices research.

The uniqueness of our approach is to leverage our expertise in business strategy, change management, business requirements gathering and IT. The result is an integrated approach that ensures alignment from business strategy through to IT specification.